Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Simple Perfection

I'm not sure what it is about this cup that makes me giddy just looking at it. Perhaps it is the delicate thin walls, or the simple black and white bird decorations, or maybe, maybe it's the subtle imperfection in the shape.

I'm crossing my fingers that it'll look even better out of the kiln.


cynthia said...

I can see why this cup would make you delirious - it's fabulous!

Denise said...

Happy belated birthday, Chi!!
Rick & I will take you out next week and celebrate!

I love the present Greg got for you !! How cool is that?!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you! :o)

- D

Portia said...

I love your ceramics! Would you consider doing a series for a commission?

Chi said...

Thanks Portia :o) Sure, I'll do a series for you. Please send me an email.

Silvia e Paulo said...

Adorable work!!!!

Chi said...

Thanks Silvia, I like your work too, so cute!