Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Accidents

Do you remember these cups? Well here they are fresh out of the kiln. I was nervous the underglaze would bleed but they turned out okay, yay!

I especially like the shape of this creamer. Let me tell you how it came about. I was trying to make round decorative ornaments but could not for the life of me close the top of the vessel to make a ball. What I ended up with are a handful of these creamers. Sometimes accidents are even better than what you can imagine.

Lastly, My parents came for a visit recently. They took a look at my drying rack and asked me to make them a few sauce decanters. I gladly whipped up this trio on the pottery wheel. I hope to find the time to glaze them today and perhaps have them fired by the end of the week.


cynthia said...

These are sweet - I especially love the decanters! Are you screen printing your designs? Or are they decals? Just curious - they're pretty fab.

Chi said...

Thank you Cynthia! No, those designs are not from screen printing or decals, they are actually stamps. Is your kiln up yet?

simplyMe said...

i love how you said you "whipped" up the trio!! just love it! ;)