Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our New Family Member

This post is completely off topic but I couldn't contain myself from telling you about our most exciting news! We welcomed a new addition to our family last weekend, her name is Lisa. I have always loved chickens. Lisa was given to us by our dear friend, Winston. He has a beautiful chicken coop for eleven hens. The hens are all paired up by breed except for Lisa. Apparently, chickens are just like high school kids, if you are different, you are likely to be made fun of. The other chickens rejected her. They would peck her until she bled. Winston had to separate her from the flock by putting her in a cage, much smaller than the chicken coop (of course). This broke our hearts and Winston's. We live in a suburbia home, with a small garden in the back. We have frequent visits from possums and raccoons (not to mention Larry, a mean neighborhood cat). Despite these issues, we took her home anyway and things haven't been the same since. At night we put her in her cage and cover it with a tarp to protect her from prying eyes and sharp claws. In time, my boyfriend will build her a little cozy home. We just love her! She's doing great. Even Sami, our old and sweet cat, likes her too. They find each other very amusing to watch.

Within hours at her new home, she made a little nest for herself and laid an egg, not just any egg, a green egg!

Here she is, frolicking about our garden.


simplyMe said...

It's like reading a darling children's book, Peppa! I love it! :)

So ... Lisa has a secret admirer after all at the old school! :)

cynthia said...

Congratulations! I've always wanted a chicken, especially one that lays beautiful eggs!

Meg said...

so jealous of your chicken! I grew up in HB, and my mom always wanted a chicken coop (odd, but great they are allowed in orange county). You work is just lovely.

Meg said...

forgot to add:

Where do you sell your work at? I would LOVE to get some.

Chi said...

Thanks everybody. I can't tell you how excited we are about Lisa and how much fun she is.

Meg, Thanks for your inquiry. I just got a kiln and will soon setup shop on Etsy. I'll send you notification via email when it is up.

farmerjulie said...

i love your blog..i found you over on Flickr!
I am from orange county! born and raised..i was from laguna niguel..planning on moving back! Nice to meet you!