Thursday, June 14, 2007

More to Come...

I've decided 2007 will be a year of discovery, to test new glazes, new techniques, and new designs. Everything is an inspiration of sorts, especially our garden. It's quite small but full of plants and a few trees. We've had this garden for almost three years now and I constantly discover something new and amazing. Life evolves in a garden, no matter how big or small. It attracts all kinds of creatures. I once stayed up late into the night to watch a family of six raccoons, a mother and her five babies, playing on the grass. We have a couple of dove nests, but unoccupied at the momment. The hummingbirds, white butterflies, and bumblebees love the salvia shrubs and visit them often. So without question, you will soon find butterflies and hummingbirds on my ware, as well as many of the plants and flowers. I have a lot of work in progress but nothing finished to show you yet. Please stay tuned.

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Cynthia said...

Your garden looks lovely! I've been remaking mine now for the past year and I have a long way to go, though yours is an inspiration.

I'm going to be doing a lot of experimentation with ceramics myself this summer. I recently moved into my garage and am working on which glazes I am going to be mixing up for my own studio, now that I'm on my own. It's exciting!

Enjoy your trip, and love the pencil holder too.