Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Precious Studio Time

The weather has been especially lovely these past few days in Southern California. Beni, Natalie, and I met up at the community studio on Monday evening just as the sun was setting. We left the door wide open to let some cool breezes in and immediately got our hands soaked in mud and glazes. As usual, we chatted away as we trimmed, throwed, and glazed pieces after pieces. Before we know it, the clock ticked 9:30pm and we had to clean up. The hours seem like seconds when you are with dear friends doing what you love.

All of these greenware are lining up for the kiln.

A staff member was loading the gas kiln. We have 3 gas and 4 electric kilns at the facility.

Natalie was busy throwing a bowl.

Beni delicately glazed the top of her bowl.

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Denise said...

How funny is it that we both long for "Precious Studio Time" - but in different ways... When I saw that title, I TOTALLY knew how you felt.