Friday, September 21, 2007

Racing and Eating

We're packing our camping gears to head up the mountains for the weekend. The weather forecast predicts a major thunderstorm tonight which will continue on until tomorrow. This should make for a very interesting and adverturous weekend. My boyfriend has a race up there and I'm tagging along to make sure he'll eat. Yes, I kid you not. how can anyone forget to eat? It's one of life's greatest joy. Don't get me wrong. Greg does like to eat. He eats plenty as a matter of fact, just not when he's racing. He looses his appetite then. It is awful timing because that's when he needs the nourishment the most. Greg and his four teammates will take turns mountain biking continuously for twenty-four hours straight. The team with the most laps will win. This race sounds like a lot of fun until you find yourself riding at 3:25am, in total darkness except for the flickering light coming from your head lamp. It is freezing cold and as you are struggling to climb a hill, you can hear the coyotes howling in the distance. It's just another reminder to let you know that you are in the middle of nowwhere land. I don't know why these guys like to torture themselves. You know where to find me at 3:25am this Saturday, I'll be dry and toasty in my sleeping bag ;o)


sarah said...

3:25AM?!! OMG!

How long is the entire race then?!

Chi said...

Sarah, it's a twenty-four hours race.