Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Corners of Our Home

These are teacups I end up keeping for home use because they have imperfections and cannot be sold.

Below is a corner of our dining room. I'm not much of a collector. Having said that, I do have a small collection of wine corks and coasters from pubs. The two vases are both Peppa Studio's. The plates are from Ikea. We use them for buffet dinners.


Meg said...

the bee teacups are too cute!

Tara Ross Studios said...

I just love your work, found you on etsy too. I'll be watching to see what you show next.


Marcey said...

Hi, Chi - not sure if you remember me, but I commented on your work maybe close to a year ago and told you that I am a college student taking pottery courses. When I first commented, I was just beginning to learn throwing on a wheel and I was having a pretty hard time of centering. Well I really got the hang of it! Usually my pieces are pretty small though. The next semester (which is actually the one now coming to a close), I signed up to take a course all about glaze formulation. I've learned so much. In the spring I'll be taking an advanced ceramics course in which I will be turned loose to experiment to my heart's desire - I can't wait! I'm going to work on getting my pieces to be a little larger.
Congratulations on the Etsy site - I would love to order one of your bee teacup sets when I am able to work more over winter break or the summer. I think that your work is very beautiful.
Well, I just thought I'd give you an update - that's all for now!

kota said...

You have a very nice blog!
Would you link mutually if possible?
I have placed a link to your blog below.

Thanks in advance!

*sarah* said...

Hi Chi! I'm missing your blog entries! Please write some! :)

WildMagnolia said...

Hi Chi. Just wanted to let you know I miss your blogging. Hope you come back soon!!

michele d.

Anonymous said...

i was also a keen follower of your blog and i still check from time to time if u are back.
hope all is fine, best

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