Monday, July 21, 2008

J'aime Paris

I'm working on some new designs that incorporate more colors. White is elegant and simple but can be quite boring after a while, don't you think? That's not to say that I'll stop making white ware. Nothing looks better in a china cabinet than stacks and stacks of white plates and bowls. Below are my new Parisian plates. These will go in the kiln tomorrow, along with other pieces from custom orders.

If you haven't received your order in the mail yet or see them posted on Etsy, they will be there very soon. I've over estimated the amount of work I can put out (so sorry). Thank you for your patience. I'm working hard to get them out the door.


cynthia said...

These are so much fun, Chi - can't wait to see them finished!

Mary Anne Davis said...

these rock. jealous. ;-)