Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wedding, Family, and Happiness

My family and I spent much of last week running around, preparing for my brother's wedding in Washington DC. We had so much fun hanging out together. My brother is generally a well organized person but this wedding challenged him to his limit. The schedule for the wedding weekend was as followed:

basketball game with friends & family
family dinner
drinks with friends at a bar
hindu ceremony (the bride is indian)
vietnamese traditional ceremory (the groom is vietnamese)
civil ceremony
brunch with family and friends

How many couples do you know have three ceremonies at their wedding? Three! There was delicious food everywhere, I ate so much that I nearly popped out of my dress. But now that the wedding is over, I can't seem to go back to daily routines of life, especially here, in California, where smoke still fills the air.

My sister, brother, and I ran errands during rush hour. The ipod kept us amused.

My brother, get this, bought his tux two days before his wedding! My sister and I helped him with the shopping. Luckily, the seamstress agreed to have his pants hemmed in one day.


Cynthia said...

Sounds like it was a full and fun trip to DC and your brother's wedding! The ceremony must have been so cool to have such diversity. Did the bride wear a traditional Indian outfit or a traditional white wedding dress?

Typical guy to buy his tux days before!

Chi said...

Hi Cynthia! Yes, it was a wonderful and colorful wedding. The bride had three dresses that she changed into throughout the day, 2 indian dresses (orange and red), and one vietnamese dress (red). I uploaded a few photos on flickr if you would like to see her outfits.

sarah said...

i love this post! :)