Thursday, September 6, 2007


It never fails, every time I step foot in east coast, the world would spin at extraordinary speed and before I know it, the trip has come to an end. On this particular visit over Labor Day weekend, family and friends were definitely the highlight, but close in second place was FOOD, yes, utterly delicious food. And boy did I eat shamelessly and without an ounce of guilt too! That is what so great about vacation, you give yourself carte blanche to do as you wish. We attended a cousin's wedding, an uncle's birthday, a BBQ and a scrumptious tapas dinner with friends. To top it all off, my mom made breakfast one morning that is to beat all breakfasts I've ever had. I realized then how much I've been missing her and her cooking. Inspired by all the delicious meals, I'm armed this evening with cook books, determine to come up with a menu for the weekend.

Porcelain bowls: Hand glazed using fine bristle brush


Cynthia said...

Glad to hear you had a fabulous time out east with family and friends!

Love the bowls and what could be finer than food shared with special people??

sarah said...

We must be twins! I'm on a cooking mission just about now too. I'm collecting easy recipes for comfort food ... been eating out too much all the time! :)

Love the new banner showcasing your new designs, Chi!