Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy as a Bee

It looks like my plate will be full for the next couple of months. We have three upcoming trips to the east coast, starting with NYC at the beginning of September. Later in October, we'll head over to Connecticut and then Washington DC. I really love these trips to New England in the Fall. Especially in late October when the leaves turn color and the air is so crisp. It provides the perfect opportunity to whisk out your favorite light jacket and be fashionable with a silk scarf. I also have a couple of 10K races, both of which have to do with running in the mud! They're called the "Mud Run" and the "Muddy Buddy". Have you heard of them? The first is a 10K run with hills, river crossings, various obstacles, and a final 30-foot mud pit! The second is very similar except you switch between mountain biking and running with a partner. These races are so much fun. At the finish line, every inch of your body will be covered with mud. People tend to wear their old running shoes for these events and then throw them away afterwards. Lastly, we've been doing a bit of home renovation, removing popcorn ceiling, repainting walls, and adding base boards to the bedrooms. All of these activities have been keeping me away from pottery. In fact, I am way behind in glazing. There are rows and rows of bisques collecting dust on the shelf. I better start glazing tonight.


Cynthia and Mary Cay said...

Sounds like a good trip! I like New England in the Fall too...

And you're a much braver woman than I to run in the mud. I have a hard enough time doing it on level ground!

Denise said...


This is what is so cool about you. You're "sporty-arty-spice".

You tend toward clean designs in your pottery and web stuff.. Then you run out and jump in the mud! Wonderful!

I envy your trip to NYC. Sounds like a good fall for you and Greg!

- D

sarah said...

Hehe! I like how Denise describes you above! So true! These mud-races are extreme sports to me! :)

I "love love love" NE in the fall! :)

sarah said...

Hope you've recuperated from your weekend in the East Coast, Chi! :)