Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Art of Patience

Working at a community ceramic studio has taught me again and again, the art of patience. Below are some lessons I've learned to adopt over the years.

1. If a large platter you made (as pictured above) disappears from the drying rack, don't fret over it, just make another.

2. Do not have any expectation when your piece will be fired. This way, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you get it back from the kiln. It's like winning the lottery.

3. When you are working on the wheel, be prepare to move and dodge as people try to get behind you to their lockers.

4. If your pitcher never made it back from the kiln because it was unfortunately stuck to another bowl that melted on the shelf during firing, don't cry, just make another.

5. Watch for the flying stools. OK, this one needs a little explaining. The cleaning crew unplug all machines and place the stools on top of the pottery wheels so they can mop the floors once a week. If you or your neighbor absent-mindedly plugs in the pottery wheel before removing the stool and the pedal is down, well, you can imagine what happens next.

Please feel free to add more lessons in the comments section. I would love to read yours.


Beni said...

Chi, You forgot to mention the patience it takes to find your piece once you are ready to trim it. I don't know how many plastic bags I have to lift to find my pieces. Not to mention the times I have to get up and down a stool (sometimes a very unstable stool) to look for my pieces on the top shelves. I swear they get moved every time!! Then again I do have a faulty times :)

Denise said...

What?? Your piece could disappear? That's not good. How/why would that happen? Is it because your stuff is so awesome? :0)

Wait a minute .. I think I just found a way to fill my cabinets with your stuff!

Cynthia said...

I learned to not celebrate until the pot is revealed and on the kiln shelf after the final firing. I can relate to what you're saying after spending a good bit of time at the Art Student's League. STuff disappears, then reappears, then gets glaze glued to something else etc. etc.

Make more stuff is a good attitude to have!