Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This morning, like many others, I came into work feeling completely blah (lack of better word). Don't get me wrong, the office is not a bad place. People are nice. I have control over my projects and they are semi creative. My boss is easy to work for. The pay is great, no complaint there. But over the last couple of years, I've lost my drive to do a perfect job. That drive, that passion, is so very important. I would stare at the monitor, trying very hard to solve a problem, but my mind is elsewhere. All I can see are designs for a new mug, bowl or whatever. I make a mental list of glazes I need to test and clay I need to buy. I daydream of having a tiny studio, line with shelves full of white bisque wares, a kiln, and my pottery wheel. Blogs such as Diana Fayt's or Whitney Smith's inspire me to no end. “Some day, some day soon”, I told my boyfriend, "I will make a living as a ceramic artist. You mark my word Greg. What is the date of today? Mark my word." Being a fabulous boyfriend that he is, he nodded and said a few encouraging words.

The picture above was taken of my sketch book that I often keep next to my computer at work and a tumbler that has been glazed but not yet fired.


Nancy B. said...

Chi your work is beautiful. I had no idea! I linked through Steve's and I am so glad I did. You have an amazing talent to add to the list I already new about. I hope that if you have a show, that you might provide invitations.

Chi Le (aka Peppa) said...

Thanks Nancy! I'm glad you came upon my blog. I'll try to post many pictures of my pieces so you can see the progress. I'm still trying to discover my "style". When I do have a show, I'll definitely let you know.

one black bird said...

keep on dreaming your dreams...(even if it is on the companies time) they will come true, "mark my word"!